Workforce example

A fully upgraded Biomedical Laboratory requires 213 Workforce to operate at 400%

Workforce-icon Workforce is one of the five main resources of Anno 2205, and required by production buildings to operate. Provided by the Residences, the workforce is part of the maintenance cost of production buildings, and the shortage of it will cause all affected buildings to have their optimal production reduced.

Workforce is a unique resource exclusive to Anno 2205. It provides a connection between the Population and the goods they consume, as they now participate in the production of such goods, unlike on previous installments of the series where the Population existed only as a source of tax revenue.

The amount of Workforce available in a sector depends on the amount of Population, as well as their respective level, class, and fulfillment of their needs. Below is a comprehensive list and analysis of the amouts of workforce provided by each population level and class.

The Basics

Workforce example 2

A Scientists residence satisfied at 53% provides 26 Workforce

Workforce becomes available as soon as a Residence is placed, in the same manner Energy-icon Power becomes available after a power plant is built. The amount of Workforce provided by a Residence depends on the number of inhabitants it houses, which is directly related to the level at which their needs is satisfied.

The maximum quantity of Workforce granted by a single Residence is reached when both its maximum number of inhabitants and satisfation level is reached. However, the number of inhabitants does not directly translate into Workforce by a 1:1 ratio; Residences will provide varying amounts of Workforce, usually lower than the amount of inhabitants they have, depending on their level and class.

For example, a fully satisfied Protectors' Residence houses 10 inhabitants, but provides 15 Workforce. In comparison, a Workers' Residence houses 5 inhabitants and provides 5 Workforce. In the first case, the amout of Workforce provided amounts to 150% the number of inhabitants, while in the second case, it only amounts to 100%. However, the Scientists' Residences, which evolve from Protectors, do provide 100% of their inhabitants as Workforce instead of 150%.

In all cases, the growth of Workforce provided is incremental, which means that a fixed amount of it is added to the total being granted every time a percentage threshold is reached. For example, Workers Residences will provide 1 Workforce for each 20% increase in their level of satisfaction, starting from 20% (at 0% the Residence has 0 inhabitants and thus provides no Workforce). Similarly, the amount of Workforce available will decrease if the satisfaction of the Residences fall below any of the thresholds.

Comparison Table

This is a comparison table between the satisfaction levels and workforce provided. For the Temperate region, the amount of Workforce is provided for single residences and complexes separated by a /.

Temperate region Arctic region Lunar region Tundra region
Residence level Workforce per Satisf. level Residence level Workforce per Satisf. level Residence level Workforce per Satisf. level Residence level Workforce per Satisf. level
50% 75% 100% 50% 75% 100% 50% 75% 100% 50% 75% 100%
Workers 5/20 Protectors 8 12 15 Miners 10 15 20 Ecologists 8 12 15
Operators 17/70 Scientists 26 38 50 Officers 26 38 50 Field Researchers 26 38 50
Executives 43/174
Investors 109/437

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