Virgil Drake is an NPC player that is the primary antagonist of Anno 2205. He also provides various optional quests in the Arctic Sector.

Description Given by Official Anno 2205 Facebook Page

The Moon is a hostile place where only the strong survive – at least this is what Virgil Drake would argue. He learned this lesson the hard way, as one of the few survivors of a recent incident at the re-populated Bainbridge Crater Station. He still bears the scars of the radiation toxicity, he suffered in the incident. 

One of the Orbital Watch’s founders, Virgil is by far the organization’s most ruthless crusader. They established a network of mercenaries, pirates and lunar fanatics and built up their own fleet, ready to strike strategic targets in enemy territory, should the need arise. However, he cares deeply about his men, as whenever the player destroys his Eradicator, he promise revenge not for the ship itself, but for the crew.

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