When I first got my hands on Anno 207, I wasn't quite sure what I was getting into. I hadn't played very many city simulators and I had come to absolutely loate the RTS elements of several pop culture favorites (Supreme Commander, bane of my existence.) It took the span of two hours to fall in love with Anno 2070 (sometime between raging and walking away and sitting down trying to figure out what my people were dying.) It was fun, and with Anno 2205 I get to explore a futuristic world almost straight out of one of my fantasies. What more could a guy ask for?

I'm not quite ready to write a review of this beautiful game just yet because I haven't finished all the special missions or set up my vision of a self sustaining economy, but soon. For now I'm focusing on new hobbiws, projects, and adventures. I recently started streaming again which was something I had done on and off for a few years. I made the move from to using the YouTube integrated streaming service and it's made a world of difference; better quality, easier interaction, more control over my broadcast. So far my experience using YouTube as my streaming platform has been very good, and with the 7 hour Anno 2205 Marathon to the Moon I did I felt like I really broke things in.

So I've got some projects I'm starting:

  • Let's Play: Anno 2205 series
  • Anno 2205 building layout guide
  • Profitable Lunar City
  • Maintain a presence on the Wiki

All seems pretty viable except for the profitable Lunar City, which if you've gotten to the Moon and tried setting things up you know just how unlikely it is I'll make that happen (but I'm going to try, damn it!) Bonus points if I can make it happen in the crater with the Moon Hotel. The name escapes me...

I'll be making a new corporation for the Let's Play series and on the site will be doing the layout guide, probably in conjunction with a few others. I know one guy expressed a desire to have something of that nature on this wiki like there is on the Anno 2070 wiki (link for posterity .) It'll take time, and be kind of interesting to see what we come up with since we have static areas to build on and no seed generator like 2205's predecessor. With limited space and the rather large buildings of 2205, it's going to be an interesting challenge.

So goals set, plans layed out, it's time to get to work.

XHamr (talk) 19:59, November 7, 2015 (UTC)

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