Transfer Routes

You cannot produce all that need your employees in every region (for example, arctic regions cannot produce vitamin drinks, and your protectors need it), so it is important to create some sorts of trade routes between your different territories.

You can create a Transfer Route with a Basic Spaceport (Lvl-2) and Moon Transfer Routes with a Spaceport (Lvl-3), To transfer energy between regions, you must upgrade your Spaceport to (Lvl-4). Unlike resources transfer, the energy transfer upkeep is free

Anno2205 Strategy Map

The Transfer Routes are displayed on the strategy map.

To create a Transfer Route you just chose the resource you want to send, from where you want to send it and where you want to send it and see how much the upkeep of that Route is


To minimize the upkeep of transfer route from moon to arctic or temperate region, it is recommended to transfer all the demanded moon resources on 1 temperate region, and transfer it to another region that need the resources by ship. It is cheaper than transfer it by spaceship.

For example, Viridian Coves and Cape Ambar need 100 Anti-Grav Compensators each, it is cheaper if you send 200 Anti-G to Viridian Coves and send 100 of it from Viridian Coves to Cape Ambar by ship than send 100 Anti-G from the moon to Viridian Coves and Cape Ambar

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