Road to Anno 2205

2070 – The Three Factions

The F.A.T.H.E.R. Incident occurs. Infected by an extremely advanced computer virus, the world's most advanced artificial intelligence, known as F.A.T.H.E.R. becomes hostile and attampts to eradicate humanity. The world's leading factions - Global Trust, Eden Initiative and S.A.A.T. - ally against the common threat and destroy F.A.T.H.E.R.

  • The events of ANNO 2070 occur.

2085 – The Ebashi Trench disaster

S.A.A.T. and a splinter faction known as E.T.O. develop together a massive underwater geothermal power plant prototype. Miscalculations lead to the prototype's collapse, creating the world's largest megatsunami. In its aftermath the global weather drifted to the extremes. Subsequently the Eden Initiative evolves into the Arctic Custodians. Being given sole authority over the Arctic and Antarctic regions they develop their climate stabilizers, back then known as Formers, into the climate stabilization network used to reclaim these regions. They eventually outlast all factions of the old. Trenchcoat, the world's most influential black market trader, settles in Wildwater Bay and buries his possessions there.

  • The events of Anno 2070: Deep Ocean occur.
  • The Arctic Custodians are founded.
  • Trenchcoat buries his treasures in Wildwater Bay.
2102 – The First Wave

As rare earth elements grew in importance and became nearly unavailable on Earth private corporations paved the way for a large scale lunar exploration. Much later it came to be known as the First Wave. Thousands volunteered to become off-world miners in the new “New World” and humanity had high hopes for their new territory.

  • The First Wave of Lunar Colonization takes place.
2117 – Global Union Founded

The situation on the moon escalated to conflicts between powerful companies that also reached earth making it a corporate battleground. It became necessary to establish a powerful government, the Global Union. As a first official act, all private corporations were banned from the moon.

  • Global Union is established as the leading world government.
2156 – The Big Five Form

The three factions were put under insurmountable pressure and were slowly but surely replaced by the Big Five. Global Trust underestimated the space program and had to sell its shares to Lei Sheng Electricity and Usoyev Inc. S.A.A.T. was not able to recuperate its reputation from the F.A.T.H.E.R. incident when their created AI tried to violently seize power. Ibarra-Foxcom drove them out of the market. The Eden Initiative lost its influence and relevance early on but its ideals live on in the actions of the Arctic Custodians.

  • The Big Five replace the Three Factions.
2205 – Second Wave

Global population is growing and energy supplies are running low. Even though fusion energy is ready to go the necessary resources are only available on the Moon. Despite the dominance of the Global Union, the moon is a dangerous territory as contact to its colonies has been lost to so far unknown reasons. The Lunar Licensing Program is initiated to open up the moon for corporations once again thus launching the Second Wave.

  • The Second Wave of Lunar Colonization takes place.

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