Special Attacks are abilities you can use to assist your warship in the Crisis Zone. There are three primary special attacks, in addition, there are three rechargeable abilities. Special Attacks can be found as items throughout Crisis Zones while abilities are always available provided you have enough Fuel.

Special Attacks

  1. Missile Barrage 1 on Annotated Screenshot
  2. Support Fleet 2 on Annotated Screenshot
  3. E.M.-Pulse 3 on Annotated Screenshot

Special attacks become more powerful on higher mission difficulty levels.


  1. Repair Drone 4 on Annotated Screenshot
  2. Kinetic Shields 5 on Annotated Screenshot
  3. Wave Mine 6 on Annotated Screenshot

Also noted:
Your fleet's available and maximum fuel 7 on Annotated Screenshot.
The fuel cost of each ability 8 on Annotated Screenshot.

Anno combat bar2

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