In Anno 2205, any asset that is transformed to produce benefit, and in the process may be consumed, is considered a resource.



Main article: Goods

Goods are materials used to satisfy Population needs and provide utility. They can be gathered directly from the environment, created as a result of a production chain, or obtained as rewards from quests. These materials can be classified into five major groups: Building materials, Raw resources, Refined materials, Consumer goods and Rare Materials. Most goods are specific to the region they are produced/acquired in and must be transported via Transfer routes to be available in another region.


Main article: Credits

The currency in Anno 2205, Credits-icon Credits are earned by taxes and selling goods and spent by building and maintenance costs. Credits are a global resource not attached to any specific sector or region, and the maximum amount of credits a player can have at any given time is tied to their respective Corporation level.


Main article: Power

Energy-icon Power refers to the electricity that your buildings require to function, and is generated through power plants, which vary depending on the region. Negative power decreases productivity of factories, logistics and public buildings. Spaceports, Warehouses and Residences are not affected by the lack of shortage of power. Modules can reduce the need for power for most production buildings. Electricity is normally specific to each region, but can be transfered like any good between regions once specific requirements are met in the campaign.


Main article: Workforce

In Anno 2205, Workforce-icon Workforce is a segment of the Population that can be designated to work on production buildings, and which is required for them to operate at full effectiveness. Workforce is obtained by building Residences and covering their needs. A shortage of workforce will decrease a building's performance, although some modules allow for reduced workforce requirements.


Main article: Logistics

Logistics-icon Logistics is a resource provided by transportation centers and necessary to guarantee the goods are being picked up throughout the sector. The further a production building is from a transportation center the more logistics it will consume (1 more per 10 additional roads according to Distance multipliers), though modules can reduce their need. When a logistics shortage occurs the buildings that are the farthest from transportation centers will stop working first.