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The Residential Complex is the larger version of the Residence. It can only be constructed in the temperate sectors and is on of the basic building block for cities.

The tax income for a Residential Complex is the same as 4 Residences blocks. The tier 1 residential complex generates a maximum 64 credits, where 4 residence taking up the same space generates the same amount of credits.

Building Information

Size: 6x6

Building costs: 2 Biopolymer, 1 Construct-o-Bots

Population Tiers

The Residential Complex will start out as a building for workers, it can be upgraded to house Operators, Executives and Investors.


Residence tier01 earth 212472

Max Inhabitants: 20

Max Workforce Provided: 20

Max Revenue: 64 credits/min

Upgrade costs to Operators: 4 Biopolymers, 2 Construct-o-Bots


Residence tier02 earth 212473

Max Inhabitants: 100

Max Workforce Provided: 70

Max Revenue: 192 credits/min

Upgrade costs to Executives: 6 Biopolymers, 3 Construct-o-Bots, 4 Superalloys


Residence tier03 earth 212474

Max Inhabitants: 500

Max Workforce Provided: 174

Max Revenue: 893 credits/min

Upgrade costs to Investors: 8 Biopolymers, 4 Construct-o-Bots, 8 Superalloys


Residence tier04 earth 212475

Max Inhabitants: 2500

Max Workforce Provided: 437

Max Revenue: 3735 credits/min

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