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Rejuvenators are a consumer good for Operators, Executives, Investors in Temperate regions, and Miners and Officers in Lunar regions. They are produced in a Biomedical Laboratory, unlocked by Operators and can only be built in temperate sectors. They require a supply of Synthcells normally, although with the Orbit DLC one can unlock the Bioresin Breakdown technology with 2 Biotech Complexes in the Orbital. This allows you to consume Bioresin instead of Synthcells, which is both much cheaper and much easier to scale up, especially since the supply of Algae, the ingredient for Synthcells, is limited by the amount of coastal sites available. It is a Biotech product, and as such the Biomedical Laboratory is affected by Biotech modifiers, and Usoyev modules can be used on it if you reach Industry Dominance in the Biotech industry.

Only one step away from true immortality, these biochemical agents taking the shape of various care products literally reprogram the user's cell structure to mimic what he looked like in the prime of his life. In company with the multitude of effective anti-aging pharmaceuticals. Rejuvenators facilitate a corporate world, in which you indeed can hire a twenty something with thirty years of work experience. - Anno 2205 Website Description