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Orbital Watch is a organization based on the Moon in Anno 2205. Hostile towards Global Union's recent efforts to complete the Lunar Licencing Program, they conduct various terrorist attacks throughout the world, causing chaos and destruction. They have an unusually large presence on Earth, which Drake somehow amassed.


Post-First Wave of Lunar Colonization

After Global Union orders numerous corporations to abandon the Moon, they leaving behind the Lunar Excavation Corporation. However, Orbital Watch arises and radicalizes in its wake, claiming independence for the Moon and its people.

Second Wave of Lunar Colonization

Orbital Watch first present themselves when assaulting a crucial shipment that is intended to your corporation's spaceport. They then show a video giving the player a brief description of who they are and why they do what they did.

Orbital Watch also appears once the player upgrades their Arctic Spaceport, and take hold of several key Arctic Custodian Climate Stabilizers that maintain the global climate.

Most characters in the game calls them terrorists as they often attack unarmed civilians. However, they possess massive naval fleets and assets on Earth, despite the fact that they are based on the Moon. Even their largest ship, the (Leviathan?) is larger than Titan, the player's unofficial military flagship.




Drone Carrier






Sea Turret


Fortified Tower



Command fortress


Iridium Storage

Petrochemical platform

Magnetite Storage

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