Phase Two comprises eleven assignments centered around the player colonizing the Arctic Region and gathering the necessary resources to upgrade their Spaceport with a Launch Pad, thus allowing them to access the Moon.


06. The Arctic

Assignment List

  • Step 1: Open the Strategy Map
  • Step 2: Enter the Arctic Region

07. A Cold Welcome

Assignment List

  • Step 1: Claim an area in one of the Arctic regions

08. A Place To Warm Up

Assignment List

  • Step 1: Attract a Population of 25 Protectors
  • Step 2: Build and connect 10 Arctic Dwellings
  • Step 3: Settle your employyes close to a heat source
  • Step 4: Produce Konservennahrung Canned Food
  • Step 5: Produce Metallschaum Metal Foam

09. Breaking the Ice

Assignment List

  • Step 1: Attract a Population of 50 Protectors
  • Step 2: Produce Metallschaum Metal Foam
  • Step 3: Start upgrading your Arctic Spaceport with icebreacker docks

10. A Dangerous Climate

Assignment List

  • Step 1: Achieve victory in the "Qannitaq Conflict Zone" Combat Mission or reach the next corporation level

11. A Way To The South

Assignment List

  • Step 1: Finish upgrading the Arctic Spaceport

12. It's Rocket Science

Assignment List

13. Arctic Treasures

Assignment List

  • Step 1: Produce Superlegierungen Super Alloys in the Arctic region
  • Step 2: Create a transfer route of Superlegierungen Super Alloys to the Temperate region

14. Shared Responsibility

Assignment List

15. The Launch Pad

Assignment List

  • Step 1: Start upgrading your spaceport in the Temperate region with a Launch Pad
  • Step 2: Produce Icon luxury food 212272 Luxury Food
  • Step 3: Attract 5,000 Executives

16. Material Sourcing

Assignment List

  • This step has no assignments. it is given by the player the moment the upgrading process starts, and ends when the spaceport is ready to be upgraded

17. The Countdown

Assignment List

  • Finish the Spaceport Upgrade

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