Phase 1 of the Lunar Licensing Program encompasses five assignments centered around getting started with the game's mechanics and population of the Temperate region. The main goal of Phase One is for the player to level up the local Spaceport to gain access to the Arctic region.


01. Work in Progress

Assignment List

02. Smooth Operation

Assignment List

  • Step 1: Attract Operators
  • Step 2: Produce Icon water 212304 Water
  • Step 3: Attract a population of 200 Workers
  • Step 4: Build and connect 1 Infodrome
  • Step 5: Promote at least 1 Employee

03. The Space Elevator

Assignment List

  • Step 1: Start upgrading your Spaceport with a space elevator
  • Step 2: Produce Icon robots 212293 Construct-O-Bots
  • Step 3: Produce Icon fruit drink 212262 Vitamin Drinks
  • Step 4: Attract a population of 1,000 Operators
  • Step 5: Finish upgrading the Spaceport

04. The Trade Blockade

Assignment List

  • Step 1: Open the Strategy Map
  • Step 2: Enter the Crisis Zone
  • Step 3: Free the detained transporters

05. A Direct Line Into Space

Assignment List

  • Step 1: Finish upgrading the Spaceport with a Space Elevator

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