This page is an index of all patches and versions of the game.


November 18, 2015 Patch

Stability Issues
  • Fixed an issue causing a crash sometimes when shifting between the sector view and the Strategy Map.
  • Fixed an issue causing a crash that occurs after changing the resolution in the options menu in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue causing a crash before the epilepsy warning in some very rare cases.
  • Fixed several further issues which could eventually lead to stability problems.
Functionality Issues
  • Fixed a bug causing some players to be disconnected from the "World Market" and "Council" online features after several hours of playing.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from claiming the “Business Angel” Club Reward if they had previously claimed resources transferred from the Anno 2205 Asteroid Miner

December 14, 2015 Patch

  • Fixed several states where the player's Command Ship could get lost.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a black screen on startup.
  • Fixed an issue where buildings’ output (energy, inhabitants, logistics, etc.) on arctic and moon regions was subtracted from the total count if these buildings were located outside of a shield radius or heat supply while switching between sectors.
    • Please note: It might happen that your total population, energy production or logistics balance is going to change dramatically depending on the number of buildings affected by this issue!
  • Fixed a bug where residences disappeared while being promoted from Executives to Investors.
  • Pressing ESC multiple times shouldn't break the corporation creation screen anymore.
  • Fixed several random crashes when switching corporations or loading sectors.
  • The statue on Viridian Coves can no longer be destroyed by attack drones.
  • Fixed several bugs that led to a situation where players were not able to continue with their Sector Projects (drone not showing direction, resources not being picked up by ship, quest objects not spawning, etc.).
  • Fixed several bugs that led to a situation where players were not able to complete optional quests because of a broken unloading/towing behavior.
  • Construction preview now shows correct logistics values when placing a production building.
  • Fixed several minor GUI issues on the Conflict Zone Debriefing screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the logistics preview showed incorrect values when constructing a building.
  • Onscreen feedback of energy buildings like Fusion Reactor and Gas Power - Station now reflects the proper energy sector balance.
  • Adjusted the voting screen thresholds to properly reflect the actual results.
  • Adjusted several Infotips.
  • Audio: Some UI elements didn't always play a sound on activation - this should be fixed now.
  • Audio: Fixed a bug where audio messages in videos didn't stop when the user switched to desktop.
  • Audio: The Shield Generator now always plays a sound when being built/destroyed.

All of the above mentioned quest bug fixes should not only be fixed for future corporations but also retroactively for existing savegames.

  • Loading processes are now faster and consume less memory.
  • Implemented performance optimizations for Intel HD Graphics.
  • Enhanced reflections (can be toggled in graphics settings).
  • Seas now also have reflections.
  • We beautified the sea foam.
  • Several other performance optimizations.

December 17, 2015 Patch

  • Fixed an issue on “Cape Ambar” and “Walbruck Basin” that caused a massive drop in logistics/public needs under certain circumstances.
  • Rebalanced workforce and energy modules (maximum maintenance reduction is now 99% instead of 80%).
  • Fixed an invisible banner in the transfer route wizard that led to some routes and sector buttons not being selectable.

January 20, 2016 Patch

  • Audio messages aren't cut off anymore when the game is sped up.
  • Quest Objects will no longer accidentally spawn inside a crater.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Clients to stay in a Sector after their Quest was solved.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Feedback Units to disappear.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Command Vehicle to spawn at a wrong place after a Sector Overtake.
  • Loading bars now correctly show 100% on time.
  • Sector Project Progress is now correctly shown in the Strategic Map filters.

Balance Patches

Version 1.2

New Features
  • Christmas is coming! Celebrate this year's holidays with special event quests and a new Christmas tree ornamental.
  • Construction preview now lists all gains and costs for every building.
  • Effects granted by modules can now be seen within the module object menu.
  • Object menu of residences now features the total inhabitants, workforce supply, and generated revenue per building.
  • We redesigned the trade route wizard to allow better access to this feature.
  • Erasing upgraded residences now also grants a construction refund.
  • Conflict zone mission reminder intervals increased to 1h15min.

Version 1.3

New Features
  • Welcome to the "Wildwater Bay"! This patch brings up a new Sector which is now available within the Temperate Region. Purchase it from a rival corporation and settle a new city in a large continental landscape. Also an old friend offers you a whole new Sector Project.
  • Free artworks for all players: In your installed game directory, go to /BonusContent/Artwork to get a large wallpaper and banner artwork of the "Wildwater Bay".
  • The World Market received a major update. It now contains a menu which tells you everything about the price development and your available routes.
  • Three new Ornamentals have been added to the Temperate Region.
  • The Corporation HQ now satisfies the needs for Information, Security, Mobility and Entertainment.
Balancing Changes

The following changes affect all existing corporations. Be aware of possible changes to your economy.

  • Construction Costs of the Corporation HQ main building were adjusted:
    • Biopolymers: Increased to 250 (from 150)
    • Construct-o-Bots: Incresed to 250 (from 150)
    • Superalloys: Increased to 250 (from 150)
  • Maintenance Costs of the Corporation HQ main building were adjusted:
    • Energy: Decreased to 1,500 (from 2,000)
    • Workforce: Decreased to 1,000 (from 10,000)
    • Credits: Increased to 15,000 (from 10,000)
  • Construction & Maintenance Costs of the Corporation HQ modules were adjusted:
    • Modules now cost 25 Iridium and 50 Graphene
    • Maintenance Costs are now increased by 5% per module (was 10%)
  • Some Achievements were adjusted to work with the new Sector "Wildwater Bay".
  • Bridges now take longer to construct and consume more resources.
Interface Changes
  • The World Market received a whole new menu.
  • The Spaceport and Bridges menu was updated to better display the required upgrade time and costs.
  • The Corporation HQ menu displays the new supply it provides.
  • Modules now show their individual bonus and maintenance cost.
  • When selecting a factory or public building, all buildings of the same type are also highlighted.

Version 1.5

New Features
  • Veteran Mode

A harder and more challenging difficulty mode for experienced players has been added. This feature is available if you create a new company. Existing companies can be modified to use the new difficulty mode. This allows the current difficulty level for an old company to raise by about one step. This change is optional, but cannot be revoked afterwards. But, the game creates a save game, once you decide to activate the new mode for an old company.

  • Buildings Quicklist

A new management menu that lists all buildings in this sector has been added to the minimap. You can jump to each building by clicking in the list or using a shortcut (default "J").

  • Consumption Stop

It is now possible to stop your employees from consuming a specific good by selecting it in the residence menu.

  • New Assignment Types

NPCs now offer Escort and Distribution assignments.

  • Timed Assignments

For a greater challenge, assignments can now be set to be fulfilled within a time limit. This feature is optional, you can activate it in the settings of your company. This new feature applies to all new companies (after game update to v 1.5) and to all existing companies that have been migrated to use the new difficulty settings.

  • New Ornaments

The update implements three new ornaments, the Veteran Statue (see below) and two classical ones: A bus stop and a lantern. These decorative items can now be built in temperate sectors.

  • Veteran Statue

This heroic building is a new type of ornaments as it is connected with conditions: It will be unlocked if you manage it to employ 1 million Investors on Veteran difficulty. Furthermore the statue is not available on a global level, but only for companies that unlocked the item.

  • New Difficulty Settings

Some options were added to the advanced settings that can be enabled to increase the difficulty. - Trader prices and refill: Adjust the amount and cost of goods offered at NPC traders. - Destructible ships: Ships that are destroyed in a crisis sector get replaced with rookie crews. - Inactive cost: Pausing a facility only halves its maintenance cost. - Demolish cost: Using the demolish tool costs resources. - Assignment rewards: NPCs can get very stingy with their rewards.

Balancing Changes
  • Rare Materials

The average amount of Iridium given out for all optional assignments has been increased by 50%.

  • Corporation Headquarter

Increased HQ module effectiveness by 25%.

  • Expansion Fee

Distribution centers now get more expensive every time one is constructed.

  • Administration Costs

Heavy populated Sectors now lead to higher administration costs. They consist of upkeep for Transfer Routes and the Metropolis Factor that leads to a decrease of tax income. Tax income is reduced by 0.2% per 10,000 residents of one population level (up to a maximum of 23%). Administration costs are affecting older companies only after they have been migrated to use the new difficulty settings, but they will affect all new companies.

Interface Changes
  • Added the Veteran Mode to the pre-defined difficulty settings during the corporation creation
  • Updated the advanced difficulty settings during the corporation creation
  • The administration costs for the new Metropolis Factor are now included in the credits balance tooltip
  • Added a Buildings Quick View and a button to toggle it next to the Minimap button
  • The News popup in the title screen now contains more information on the content of free updates
  • Added a button to stop and resume consumption of goods in the residence menu
Improvements and Bugfixes
  • Performance: The start up and several loading times have been improved
  • Performance: Improvements for players with a large number of ornaments
  • Effects: Smoothen the transition effect when switching between the Strategic Map and a Sector
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that caused the Minimap Filter Checkbox to stay open
  • Fix: Corrected the values shown in the Overtake Screen for the Sector "Vanha Plains"
  • Localization: Coastal and mountain sites are now correctly translated for all languages
  • Sound: Fixed a bug that caused sounds to be played during Crisis Sectors when the game sound was muted
  • Achievement

The achievement "Project Manager" will be enabled correctly in Uplay and the game (including the Action "Project Manager") if the correct requirements are fulfilled.

  • World Market

Tundra goods are now properly considered in the world market. However, the world market has to be reset for once, making it temporarily unavailable on the update day (6th April 2016). The prices will go back to the starting Level, but they will automatically adapt quickly according to the needs and demands.

Version 1.5.1

  • Interface:The Sector Storage tooltip displays the amount of stored goods again.
  • Text: The Veteran difficulty descriptions of several languages don’t contain English texts anymore.
  • Text: “Meager” and “Sparse” of difficulty settings now have distinct and correct translations in all language versions.

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