Feldspar Quarry
Feldspar Quarry
Credits-icon 1,000 1x Icon biocomposites 212251 Biopolymer
Icon ceramics 212255 Nano Ceramics 5
Icon robots 212293 Construct-O-Bots
Balance-icon 100 Energy-icon 30 Workforce-icon 55

The Feldspar Quarry is resource gathering building that is found in the temperate region. It produces Nano Ceramics that is used in various production chains. The Feldspar Quarry is unlocked when the temperate population upgrades to Operators.

The Feldspar Quarry needs a Mountain Building Site to be built.

Construction Information

Building Part Credits Materials Size
Base Building 1,000 1 Biopolymer -
Feldspar Crusher 300 2 Graphene -

Prices may be reduced due to the effects of The Council.

Operating costs and production

Building Part Input Output Credits/min Workers Energy
Base Building - 5 Nano Ceramics -100 -55 -30
Feldspar Crusher - 5 Nano Ceramics -50 -27.5 -15
Max Production - 15 Nano Ceramics -200 -110 -60
A maximum of 2 Feldspar Crushers can be added.

Maintenance Modules

Type Effect Credits Rare Materials
Drone Hive -20% workforce 500 10 Iridium
Accumulator Unit -10% energy 500 10 Iridium
Storage Depot -2 Logistics 500 10 Iridium
A maximum of 5 maintenance modules can be added.

There are empowered maintenance modules available through The Council.

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