Energy Transmitter

A fully-upgraded Spaceport's Energy Transmitter receiving power from another sector.

Energy-icon Energy refers to the electricity that your buildings require to function. Without a stable supply of electricity, there's no doubt that it will have a negative impact on your economy. Power in Anno 2205 is much like the need for electricity in other city-building games such as SimCity, where total generated electricity is pooled. If the power generation pool is smaller than power consumption, the productivity of buildings that consume electricity decreases. This decrease in productivity is proportional to a sector's energy deficit.

Electricity lines, distribution stations and control stations are not required or available: When a power plant is up and running, its electricity is immediately added to the sector's energy pool. The player is not able to store electricity for later use. Any surplus power is simply lost. Thus running a power plant full-blast without using all of its power is waste of maintenance costs, and sometimes Resources as well.

However, energy surplus can be redistributed after the player completes the Lunar Licensing Program campaign and upgrades two or more Spaceports with Energy Transmitters. Given the lack of flexibe energy sources across all regions, the use of energy transmission becomes a necessity for the player, as it frees space for the production of consumer goods such as Icon water 212304 Water and Neuro-Implantate Neuro Implants (which requires Molybdдn Molybdenum) in slots that would otherwise be occupied by power plants.

The energy buildings are the only ones that allow cost control with the maintenance cost modules. Using all five will halve the cost of the building.


Production Fusion reactor energy moon 212448

The Fusion Reactor. Building them is the main goal of Anno 2205's campaign.




Exclusive Energy Resources

  • Energy transmission beams/routes (available with fully upgraded spaceports in all regions and sectors)
  • Walbruck Basin Hydroelectric Power Plant (upon completion of the sector project)

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