Earth is the home world of the human race and is the starting point for Anno 2205. Other regions of Earth open up to the player as their corporation expands and advances through the purchasing of land from other corporations or entities.

Earth Region

These islands with vast plains and beautiful sceneries that are rich in mineral resources. It is the perfect environment to establish a spaceport and a base of operations. - Anno 2205 Website Description

Image Zone Name Description Version
Walbruck basin small Walbruck Basin Temperate Achievement base game
Viridian Coves small Viridian Coves Temperate Achievement base game
Cape Amber small Cape Ambar Temperate Achievement base game
Akia flows small Akia Floes Arctic Achievement base game
Ikkuma glacier small Ikkuma Glacier Arctic Achievement base game
Kinngait Protectorate small Kinngait Protectorate Arctic Achievement base game
Tundra small Tundra Tundra Season pass small