Desalinization Plant
Desalinization Plant
Credits-icon 500 5x Icon biocomposites 212251 Biopolymers
N/A 0
Icon water 212304 Water 5
Satisfies the populations needs
Balance-icon 100 Energy-icon 10 Workforce-icon 35

The Desalinization Plant is a resource gathering building found in the Temperate region.This building produces Water which is a tier 1 Need of the temperate population. The Desalinization Plant is unlocked at 25 workers.

The Desalinization Plant requires a Coastal Building Site to be built.

Construction Information

Building Part Credits Materials Size
Base 500 5 Biopolymers -
Filter Unit 100 1 Graphene -
The Desalinization Plant requires a Coastal Building Site

Prices may be reduced due to the effects of The Council.

Operating costs and production

Building Part Input Output Credits/min Workers Energy
Base - 5 Water -100 -35 -10
Filter Unit - 5 Water -50 -17.5 -5
Max Production - 15 Water -200 -70 -20
A maximum of 2 Filter units can be added.

Maintenance Modules

Type Effect Credits Rare Materials
Drone Hive -20% workforce 500 10 Iridium
Accumulator Unit -10% energy 500 10 Iridium
Storage Depot -2 Logistics 500 10 Iridium
A maximum of 5 maintenance modules can be added.

There are empowered maintenance modules available through The Council.

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