Corporate Headquarters
Credits-icon 1,000,000 250x Superlegierungen Super Alloys
250x Icon biocomposites 212251 Biopolymer
250x Icon robots 212293 Construct-O-Bots
Balance-icon 15,000 Energy-icon 1,500 Workforce-icon 1,000

The Headquarters is the final structure that can be built in Anno 2205. It has very large maintenance and energy costs but it satisfies all the public needs. It can be upgraded with up to 30 modules. Each module added increases both the HQ's public supply and its costs. Building and upgrading a corporate headquarters is the final task of the Lunar Licensing Program. Unlike monuments from the previous Anno games the corporate headquarters can be build instantly just like any other building.


Anno 2205 Headquarters00:18

Anno 2205 Headquarters

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