Blueprints are instructions acquired by the layer to build new types of infrastructure through the game, they can be earned through the layers progression and found in cargo crates scattered throughout the regions.



Blueprint Population Requirements Product
Street 0 - -
Residence 0 - Revenue/Workforce
Sunflower Farm 1 - Bioresin
Biopolymer Factory 1 Bioresin Biopolymer
Rice Farm 1 - Organic Food
Transportation Center 25 - Logistics
Windpark 25 - Energy
Desalinization Plant 50 Coastal Building Site Water
Infodrome 200 - Information


Blueprint Population Requirements Product
Residential Complex 10 - -
Feldspar Quarry 10 Mountain Building Site Nano Ceramics
Cobalt Mine 10 Mountain Building Site Cobalt
Robot Assembly Hall 10 Nano Ceramics, Cobalt Construct-O-Bots
Fruit Plantation 250 - Fruit
Vitamin Condenser 250 Fruit Vitamin Drinks
Tidal Power Station 500 Coastal Building Site Energy
Global Spaceport 1,000 - Global Trade Routes
Algae Farm 1,250 Coastal Building Site Algae
Synthcell Incubator 1,250 Algae Synthcells
Biomedical Laboratory 1,250 Synthcells Rejuvenators
Monumental Bridge 2,000 - -
Security Department 2,500 - Security


Blueprint Population Requirements Product
Soy Farm 2,500 - Soy Beans
Cattle Ranch 2,500 Soy Beans Beef
Vineyard 2,500 - Wine
Food Design Workshop 2,500 Beef, Wine Luxury Food
Orbital Spaceport 5,000 - Orbital Trade Routes
Flax Plantation 10,000 - Flax Fibers
Silicon Mine 10,000 Mountain Building Siarcticte Silicon
Microfabrication Hall 10,000 Silicon Microchips
Nano-Textile Mill 10,000 Flax Fibers, Microchips IntelliWear
Metro Station 20,000 - Transportation


Blueprint Population Requirements Product
Diamond Mine 10,000 Mountain Building Site Diamonds
Nano-Cutting Unit 10,000 Diamonds Multispec Prisms
Neutronium Lab 10,000 Microchips, Multispec Prisms Replicators
Transmission Spaceport 25,000 - Energy Transfer Routes
AI Composition Plant 50,000 Bioresin, Silicon Synaptic Circuits
Android Factory 50,000 Synthcells, Synaptic Circuits Androids
Stadium 100,000 - Entertainment
Corporation HQ 150,000 -

+10% Maintenance Cost per Module



Blueprint Population Requirements Product
Polar Road 0 - -
Arctic Dwelling 0 - Revenue, Workforce
Compression Chamber 1 Aluminum Metal Foam
Aluminum Mine 1 Mountain Building Site Aluminum
Fishing Harbor 1 Coastal Building Site Fish
Cannery 1 Fish Canned Food
Transportation Center 25 - Logistics
Geothermal Turbines 25 Mountain Building Site Energy
Global Spaceport 50 - Global Trade Routes
Molybdenum Mine 75 Mountain Building Site Molybdenum
Neuro-Module Factory 75 Molybdenum Neuro Implants
Community Center 150 - Community


Blueprint Population Requirements Product
Plasma Smelter 10 Molybdenum, Aluminum Super Alloys
Coral Farm 500 Coastal Building Site Deep-Water Corals
Pharma Lab 500 Deep-Water Corals Stimulants
Orbital Spaceport 750 - Orbital Trade Routes
Methane Extractor 1,000 Coastal Building Site Methane Ice
Gas Power Station 1,000 Methane Ice Energy
Subzero Cleanroom 1,500 Molybdenum, Diamonds Qubit Processors
Deuterium Strainer 1,500 Coastal Building Site Deuterium
Cryogenics Lab 1,500 Methane Ice, Deuterium Super Coolants
Hardware Fabrication Plant 1,500 Qubit Processors, Super Coolants Quantum Computers
Transmission Spaceport 2,000 - Energy Transfer Routes
High Security Laboratory 3,000 - Secrecy



Blueprint Population Requirements Product
Moon Tracks 0 - -
Living Unit 0 - Revenue, Workforce
Small Shield Generator 0 - Shielding
Titanium Mine 1 Mountain Building Site Titanium
Ion Welder 1 Titanium Titanium Plating
Core Ice Driller 1 Mountain Building Site Moon Ice
Oxygen Separator 1 Moon Ice Oxygen
Transportation Center 25 - Logistics
Solar Array 25 Mountain Building Site Energy
Orbital Spaceport 50 - Orbital Trade Routes
KREEP Gatherer 75 Mountain Building Site Rare Earth Elements
Cybernetics Factory 75 Rare Earth Elements BioEnhancers
Maintenance Station 150 - Maintenance


Blueprint Population Requirements Product
Large Shield Generator 1 - Shielding
Aeroponic Farm 150 - Moon Crops
Space Galley 150 Moon Crops Lunar Lunch
Regolith Collector 500 Mountain Building Site Helium-3
Fusion Preparation Plant 500 Helium-3, Deuterium Fusion Power Cells
Fusion Reactor 500 Fusion Power Cells Energy
Transmission Spaceport 750 - Energy Transfer Routes
Anti-G Workshop 1,000

Fusion Power Cells, Rare Earth Elements

Anti-Grav Compensators
Health Center 3,000 - Health Care

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