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Arctic Dwellings are settlements of tents and very small buildings, designed to provide basic comfort and protection from extreme temperatures to workers in Arctic climates. The unique requirement that must be met for this building is that it has to be located near a Heat Source.

 Building Information

Size: 5x5

Building costs: 2 Metal Foam

Special requirements: must be built near Heat Source.

Population Tiers

The Arctic Dwellings will start out as a building for Protectors, it can be upgraded to house Scientists as the second tier.


Residence tier01 arctic 212360

Max Inhabitants: 5

Max workforce provided: 5

Max revenue: 14 credits/min

Upgrade costs to Operators: 2 Biopolymers


Residence tier02 arctic 212361

Max Inhabitants: 25

Max workforce provided: 17

Max revenue: 44 credits/min

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